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What Is a NETGEAR Router’s Default IP Address

The majority of NETGEAR routers have or configured as their default IP address. Using one of these addresses as the URL, you can connect to the router:

Explanation of Home Router IP Addresses

Routers for home broadband have two IP addresses. A private IP address is used for local communication within the home network; a public IP address is used for connections to networks outside of the local network, typically the internet. The public address is assigned by internet service providers, and the private address is managed by the owner of the home network.

Your router’s local address is probably set to utilize the default IP address if you’ve never altered it, especially if you recently bought a new one. The manufacturer inserted a default IP address into the router to facilitate network setup since a router needs a local IP address when a network is first configured.

The IP address of the router, which serves as the portal via which client devices can access the internet, is frequently referred to as the default gateway address. This phrase is occasionally used in the network settings menus of computer operating systems.

What Is a NETGEAR Router's Default IP Address

Changing the Default IP Address of a Router

Unless the administrator changes it, a home router will always utilize the same private network address when it turns on. To prevent a clash with an existing modem or router on the network, it might be essential to modify the router’s default IP address.

During installation or at any later time, administrators have the option of changing this default IP address. Other administrative settings, such as the DNS address values, network mask (subnet mask), passwords, or Wi-Fi settings, are unaffected by doing this. A network’s connections to the internet are unaffected by changing the default IP address, albeit there may be a brief hiccup in internet service for devices connected to the local network while the router is restarted to utilize the newly allocated private network address.

How to Reset a Router?

When a router is reset (not rebooted), all of its network settings, including the local IP address, are restored to their factory defaults. A reset returns the router’s default IP address to the one issued by the manufacturer, regardless of whether the network administrator changed it. What Is It?

A feature on some NETGEAR routers enables administrators to log in to the router using a domain name rather than an IP address. The NETGEAR router immediately directs the administrator to the router’s IP address after the administrator types or

To provide router owners with an alternative to knowing their device’s IP address, NETGEAR maintains the domains and is simpler to remember than an IP address.

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